I have been a client of Val’s for 5 years. I participate in sports year around. Val really knows how to work those tight tough areas out. She is knowledgeable, experienced, and listens to your needs. I highly recommend Val.

Siri S

Val is skilled and knowledgeable and has been my go-to massage therapist for years. I highly recommend her for both relaxation and therapeutic treatments!

Laura B

It is a breath of fresh air to do a trade with a therapist who exceeds my expectations in knowledge, experience and technique. As all our colleges are aware my expectations are very high having been a therapist and a teacher in our profession for the last 23 years. Valerie is an exceptional therapist and an excellent friend.

Nadine J

I was in dire back pain for almost a week…Valerie worked on me twice this week…yesterday being our second time on my excruciating pain…she did a small miracle in my mind because today it is 99% better!!!! Thank you Valerie for the fantastic massage work…your peppermint oil helped…YOU are the best!! Been going to her for over a year…and she is a great healer!!

Shanna L.

I love how great a job Valerie does! She really knows her stuff! She has done pregnancy massage on me and post pregnancy massage! What a way to treat yoursel! Thanks Valerie!

Richard S

Best healing hands in TC, weather it’s your neck, wrist or back, Val can get the muscles to relax and feel better.

Molly K.

I have been a client of Valarie’s for over 10years.. She has helped me a lot with my neck, back and also sciatic issues. She is very knowledgable and informative. She takes her time and makes sure you know what to do at home to help as well. I would HIGHLY recommend her!

Heather A

I loved my massage yesterday Valerie Smith Rye, thank you!

Tracy M

Valerie Smith Rye and Twin Bay Clinical Massage is simply the best in Traverse City!

Laurie D

Best of Luck with your move and your new place!

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